Nabha Foundation under HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha

Nabha Foundation under HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha was established on the belief that all people should have the opportunity to choose how they live even if they did not choose how they were born. Upon this belief, initially we mainly focus on giving a chance to those current inmates and former inmates to start a new life.

We have been providing effective integrated learning and training courses to those inmates to be skillful and potential to manufacture all high quality products being sold under the supervision of Nabha. Such an important duty, we are expecting them to regain their confidences and potential to earn a living.

Moreover, we tirelessly work to ensure that people in need deserve a chance to prove themselves without any prejudice. This represents through our logo which is similar to infinity symbol which indicating that we are giving an infinite chance to them.

Our foundation’s name, Nabha, is express in two meanings, firstly, Nabha is a homophone of Napa which means the blue infinite sky to indicate that we are untiringly providing a chance, always forgiving them and forgetting their past. Implicitly, everyone is infinitely given a chance equally. Lastly, “Na” means here and “bha” is an abbreviation of HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha, altogether, it implies to “Living here with Her Royal Highness and move forward together with Nabha Foundation.”

We highly realize the importance of giving a chance to those who are disadvantaged to happily live in our society. We are supporting all potential courses to instruct them to express their abilities. As seen on their quality products, we hope the people in our society will forgive and be open-minded for acknowledging them to be self-respect and devote themselves to do good deeds to the society.

Not only providing potential courses, but we also are providing outlets to distribute their high quality products and supply the labor market to develop the benefits of skillful working. 

Additionally, we feature in supporting those former inmates to go through with processes to increase the value of the high quality goods, to instruct them to understand an effective resource management, potential manufacture and multitasking process.

“Chann” and “Tra” are Nabha Foundation’s brands to provide the main outlets to distribute the high quality goods. To give details of the brands, “Chann” and “Tra” are originated from “channtra” which means the moon. Living in the prison, those inmates will never see the moon because of their earlier bedtime and the high walls surrounded the prison. Thus, “Channtra” becomes an inspiration of our brands to indicate to our duty on giving a wonderful chance to the disadvantaged to start a new life.

Na Bha Foundation under HRH Princess Bajrakitiyabha
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